Sunday, October 28, 2012



I am being too stressful recently. Looking for a job isn't easy, especially when you were under the pressure of your family. I don't laugh much , i don't feel i am happy after returning from uk. 

I started to gain back my happiness when i hang out with my buddies. All the laughter we created comfort me, all the stress gone in a second. I love them too much, word can't express how much i love my 8 years secondary school mates. We all have been grown up together , pass through those awkward moment of puberty, we know each other so well we can talk from day to night, dawn to dusk. Things become easier when i have them with me, always. 

The celebration of ncy birthday was awesome one, it was like we again, back to the old time, playing around, laughing loud, teasing and crapping . What can i say beside than i love them. 

Thanks god for giving me them, i would like to wish my dear frens which were in overseas now all the best too. I miss you guys. Especially tan sze yee, the party would be nicer if you were here. Your face is funny enough to make me laugh for the whole day. lol xD

See you around Nov babe =D

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