Wednesday, September 28, 2011



928 ♥

Happy month anniversary darl :)

I hope we have time to spend together today , you had so many works these few days, non stop OT.

It was really exhausted =( Hope today you can rest well …

I love you ♥

We move to new house yesterday, awww extremely tired ! Moving those heavy thingy ( I mean u and joseph ofcourse ) haha, i am just pretty relax =p

Love this house so much, nice environment and full furniture =D Just nice !

But the worst thing is digi is sucks , my phone don’t have any line at all, NO SERVICE, No 3g No edge as well. Damn freaking hard to connect =.=’’ dying !

I am sorry dear frens, I seriously can’t call out , although i receive ur msg and miscall still i cant call out== I don’t know what the hell is happening ==

Anyway i will be back soon :) Miss you guys so much =D

Take care =D

Monday, September 26, 2011



Hey, 不好意思忘了和你们报平安 ,囧
CCCY 我还活着别担心,哈哈哈哈哈!
mizuimi 我不会变indian ok,STUPID==
CSH , 真的很好笑咯,无言== 她太爱我了,我们相亲相爱 =D哈哈哈!
Marcus , bon voyage! ( 其实我不懂什么意思) LOL!!

今天心情特别好 =D 

Happy International Rabbits Day Everyone ! Love your bits !

Are you rabbit lover?

Share your bits to this page :

不过那感觉真好 =p

期待明天 :) 明天会是一个大surprise,因为我不是被骗钱,就是会收到一个很让人兴奋的东西!!HEEEEEE :) Cant wait !

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Simply miss it :)










Finally i figure out why am i having such strong faith ,
You couldn't imagine how the word grows my faith through our relationship
I can feel u , when reading ur blog , ur word , I can feel u , so strong.
Now i know why, I trust you becz I know u love me with no lies.

I mean I used to .

Truth might hurts, but lies destroyed people.

Hey i love u ,
I love the one who will write such sweet blog for me,
I love the one who will look into my eyes and feel me,
I love the one who treat me as his priority
I love the one who want to marry me after 8 years ,and he will makes "I want to marry you after 8 years" become a repetitive sentences and repeat it frequently.
I love the one who will mind his words to other girls all the time.

I love you becz i saw myself in ur eyes, and thr is no one else.

I love you, are you still with me?